Pump Heads & Accessoires


You will find a comprehensive selection of high-quality pump heads, foot switches and accessories for laboratory pumps! Our products are specially developed to make your laboratory pump applications even more efficient and versatile.

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  1. Industrial USB to RS485 converter SKU:
    $ 28.49
  2. Pump head for dPOFlex PFU for milliliter dosing - 8 rollers SKU:
    Special Price $ 1,755.19 Regular Price $ 2,340.25 Discount 25%
  3. Pump head max. 13.5 l/min - 6 rollers - 2 channel - low pulsation SKU:
    Special Price $ 1,980.00 Regular Price $ 2,640.00 Discount 25%
  4. Pump head max. 32 ml/min - 10 rollers - 12 channel SKU:
    Special Price $ 616.69 Regular Price $ 822.25 Discount 25%
  5. Dust-Cover for dLSP500 syringe pump SKU:
    $ 225.72
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Pump heads

Our pump heads are the heart of your liquid dosing. With the highest precision and consistency in dosing, our pump heads offer the certainty that your experiments and processes will always deliver reproducible results. From single channel to multi-channel pump heads, we offer you a wide range of options that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems.


Do you like working hands-free? Our footswitches allow you to maintain control of your lab pump while freeing your hands for other tasks. Whether you need to adjust fluid volume or start and stop flow, our footswitches give you the flexibility you need.


The right accessories can make all the difference. Our wide range of accessories is designed to streamline your workflow.