Peek connectors for HPLC, GC and life science – ensuring precision and reliability

Our PEEK fittings and connectors are a fundamental part of a variety of industries, from medical and pharmaceutical research to analytical chemistry and biotechnology. The connectors are a crucial component when it comes to precisely controlling and manipulating the flow of liquids and gases. Manufacturing the connectors from the high-performance thermoplastic polyetheretherketone (Peek) helps increase the overall efficiency, accuracy and reliability of the systems.

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  1. PEEK Female Thread L-Adapter SKU:
    As low as $ 19.49
  2. PEEK Female Thread Y-Adapter SKU:
    As low as $ 25.21
  3. PEEK Thread Adapter Luer Male SKU:
    As low as $ 23.20
  4. PEEK Thread Adapter Luer Female SKU:
    As low as $ 23.20
  5. PEEK Female Thread T-Adapter SKU:
    As low as $ 25.21
  6. PEEK Female Thread Straight Adapter SKU:
    As low as $ 15.12
  7. PEEK Knurl Head Fitting Fingertight - 10-32 UNF coned SKU:
    As low as $ 6.38
  8. PEEK Compact Flangeless Short - Ferrule Set SKU:
    As low as $ 6.37
  9. PEEK Flangeless Fitting - Ferrule Set SKU:
    As low as $ 6.37
  10. PEEK Compact Flangeless Fitting - Ferrule Set SKU:
    As low as $ 6.37
  11. PEEK Flangeless Fitting - Set SKU:
    As low as $ 10.58
  12. PEEK Compact Flangeless Fitting - Set SKU:
    As low as $ 10.58
  13. PEEK Female Thread Cross Adapter SKU:
    As low as $ 40.01
  14. PEEK Flanged Fitting FEP Tubeset SKU:
    As low as $ 20.17
  15. High pressure PEEK Fingertight Plug 10-32UNF - 250bar SKU:
    As low as $ 2.28
  16. High pressure PEEK Fitting 10-32UNF - 1.6mm OD, 250bar SKU:
    As low as $ 2.28
  17. Clips PPS for 1.6 - 3.2mm OD Tubing SKU:
    As low as $ 1.28
  18. PEEK Compact Flanged Fitting - Ferrule Set SKU:
    As low as $ 7.74
  19. PEEK Female Thread Bulkhead Union SKU:
    As low as $ 22.65
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Items 1-35 of 42

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Benefit from the advantages of our high-quality PEEK connectors

Chemical Compatibility: Peek connectors are highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including aggressive solvents and corrosive substances. This chemical compatibility ensures that fluidic systems can handle various liquids and gases without connectors corroding or leaking over time.

High Purity: Peek is known for its low extracts and releases, making it an excellent choice for applications where the purity of the liquid transported is critical. In life science industries such as medical technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, Peek connectors help ensure that the fluid being transported remains pure.

Thermal Stability: Peek connectors can operate efficiently in a wide temperature range, from subzero to elevated temperatures. This property is invaluable in fluidic systems that can be subject to extreme temperature fluctuations during various processes.

Low outgassing: In high-precision applications, such as aerospace or analytical instrumentation, Peek connectors offer minimal outgassing. This is important to maintain a clean and controlled environment and prevent potential contamination of sensitive samples or equipment.

High pressure resistance: Peek connectors can handle high pressure fluidic applications such as chromatography (HPLC, GC), making them ideal for situations where maintaining system integrity under elevated pressure is critical.

Biocompatibility: In the medical and life science fields, Peek connectors are biocompatible, meaning they can be used safely in contact with biological fluids and tissues. This makes them a suitable choice for applications involving medical devices and diagnostic devices.

Mechanical Strength: Peek connectors have excellent mechanical strength and can withstand physical stress and maintain structural integrity over time. This is particularly important in fluidic systems that are subject to dynamic conditions or frequent connections and separations.