Silicone tubes

Our silicone hoses are particularly suitable for medical, analysis, bio, dosing, filter and laboratory technology. All common hose sizes are available. The operating temperature range of our silicone hoses is between -20°C and +80°C. The special properties of our silicone hoses are the excellent conveying stability, which enables precise dosing. Complete traceability via lasered part numbers, batch numbers and use-by dates is provided. Our custom-made silicone ensures precision, consistency and durability. The pump hoses are made of addition-curing silicone and are absolutely free of 2.4 DCBA residues after pumping peroxide. Our silicone hoses are also food and drug certified. For more detailed information on all available certificates, please contact us.

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  1. Platinum-curedsilicone tubing - Set SKU:
    $ 62.83
  2. Platinum-cured silicone tubing SKU:
    Special Price $ 31.19 Regular Price $ 41.58 Discount 25%
  3. Silicone Tubing Biocompatible SKU:
    $ 69.30
  4. 15m Pumpsil® platinum-gehärteter Silikonschlauch 0,8 x 2,4mm (I.D. x W.T.) SKU:
    Special Price $ 124.41 Regular Price $ 165.88 Discount 25%
  5. Tubing Kit for pump head PFH01 SKU:
    $ 31.35
  6. Tubing Kit for pump head PFH01 SKU:
    $ 49.50
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